The OurBio podcast:

  • Each episode is a conversation with someone in our community whose professional work in some aspect of science, agriculture, medicine or anthropology can deepen our understanding about how our natural heritage has shaped our regional culture.

Other OurBio projects:

  • Visit here to learn about the documentary film in development about DeafBlind Cajuns.

Biology students at UL-Lafayette have opportunities to generate durable media for teaching each other and others about local biology. Here you’ll find samples of these artifacts that were produced as part of their coursework.

  • Visit here to see junior Skyy Trahan’s BIOL410 OurBio projects Hold up, I thought I was Creole and visit here to see What are we spraying for?
  • Visit here to see a freshman project about the molecular basis of Usher Syndrome.
  • Visit here to see a non-science major service project at the UL Ecology Center.
  • Visit here to see a review of the biology of our Spring 2017 class mascot, Indian grass, and here for our Fall 2017 mascot, poison ivy.
  • Visit here to learn about the ongoing Bird Mortality Study conducted since Spring 2017 by volunteers in BIOL 111 lecture for science majors. Here is a link to the longitudinal database that students produced and maintain.
  • Visit here to visit the longitudinal Campus Habitats database that BIOL113 lab students began contributing data to in Spring 2018. They query these data to address research questions about ecology right here on the UL Lafayette campus. Visit Billeaud Hall outside Room 113 to see their team research posters.

And sometimes, we just get lucky videos

  • like this one captured by BIOL 113 lab students while collecting data about Campus Habitats, Spring 2018