OurBio is a biology curriculum and oral history project that is developing and testing a framework for teaching fundamental biology principles via local examples. The name OurBio reflects both the biology of a region and the biography of its people.

OurBio will first be piloted in Acadiana, an area of Southwest Louisiana settled by Francophone Cajuns and others. The durable media produced by OurBio will tell the story of our region via the biology of our bayou, prairie and coastal ecosystems, ethnobotany of early settlers, genetics of the Cajuns, and the crops, livestock and fisheries our region supports.

OurBio aims to develop a research-validated biology education model by:

  • Collaborating with scholars, educators and citizens
  • Producing exciting, relevant, rigorous and pedagogically innovative media for podcasts, video, print and broadcast
  • Adapting and promoting these media for K-16+ standards and the public
  • Hosting at least one ongoing citizen science project
  • Disseminating the model for adaptation to other locales

OurBio is the academic project of Dr. Phyllis Baudoin Griffard, a biology educator at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Final OurBio logo.JPG

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