Deafblind Cajuns: A Documentary Film

A film project is underway to tell the story of hundreds of Cajuns who have never heard a fiddle waltz. They also slowly lose their vision because of a genetic quirk that came here with the Acadians over two centuries ago. The proposed documentary film will tell the story of Acadian Usher Syndrome, which has sprinkled many Cajun family trees with deafblind aunts, uncles and cousins. Documenting the genealogy of families like the LeJeunes, Babineauxs, Desormeauxs, Heberts and Benoits helped researchers uncover its molecular basis and bring us to the brink of a cure. Now technology, services and education are eliminating isolation, thus setting yet another vibrant culture on the path to assimilation.

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We are seeking financial and in-kind support for:

  • Professional interpreting services for interviews
  • Professional production services for videography, editing and sound
  • Genetic counseling and testing

Donations may be made to the film project at The University of Louisiana-Lafayette Foundation:, write OurBio Account #15860 in comments section

Thank you!

Phyllis Griffard, UL-Lafayette Biology and Conni Castille, UL-Lafayette Moving Image Arts